I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from a highlight video of Kawhi Leonard, an emerging superstar from the San Antonio Spurs, when he led his team to a 111-92 victory over Lebron and the Heat. Taking note, this guy Kawhi and I are about the same age, and I find it inspiring seeing how he is emerging superstar in his own regard. As I am following the game, I found out more about who he is: a shy and reserved guy, finding his identity, who will do anything it takes to get things done as assigned to him. Not necessarily to stereotype myself, but I find myself to be almost like this guy. I recall seeing the game – attached to this entry – and found myself really impressed about how much he stepped his game up which translated into concrete success for his team.

I think I’m growing obsessed over this particular game because it truly sent me a message that I can do the same thing he did in my own game. Each person carries a particular game of their own regard. I know I can step up my game and breakthrough, hoping to inspire others by how far I can go.

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