The Condom Mentality

Nothing is ever more prevalent on our day and age than the use of contraception. You wear it, you have fun, and you throw it away. Yet, the use of it has conceived a philosophy that defined our age, and that philosophy is bad, really bad, for we all–whether we know it or not–ride on that cartwheel that is free falling, leading us to destruction. Let me tell you more about that philosophy, and the way I’ll explain it will be in terms of the actual usage of the word it is called.

You buy a condom, wear it, have sex, reach the pleasure you’re ultimately craving, and after you finish, you throw away the condom. Basically that consumption is completely analogous to the person you’re having sex with: you “wear” that person – that person becomes part of you, you use that person, you got what you want out of that person, and when you get it, that person’s value diminishes and you eventually you “throw” that person away. And then you move on to another “pleasure” you’re craving–however that “pleasure” entails for you.

The condom mentality urges everyone to love things and use people instead of using things and loving people. Many say that they “love” someone when, deep down, they say so purely because they know they can use that person to advance their self-interests. They don’t love someone purely because they choose to love them overall as who that someone is.

When this philosophy prevails–and unfortunately it already has–life runs into a difficult complication. Complications then engender frustrations, then anger, then self-destruction. Life spirals down into death and it’s all because of what I like to call “the condom mentality”.

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