My nephew’s Sweet 16


Yesterday, this little dude just hit his 16th month of being blessed with the gift of life. It’s amazing to witness his growth, from a mere infant who is absolutely powerless, then to a toddler struggling to find his balance to stand, to now running around and recognizing voices and actions. Last night my mom was reading something from social media and she stumbled upon a word that she pronounced “haist” (ha-ee-st) and Adam started mimicking the sound. My sister and I burst in laughter out of delight, finding out that he can start recognizing voices. Another thing was that when my brother-in-law put him on that seat in front of the cake, he started leaning towards it and made hissing sounds as if he was trying to blow the candle. I was amazed at how he was able to recognize to subtleties at his age! As his uncle and god-father, I couldn’t be any prouder. I am looking forward to his continual growth, especially when he starts aging, the time when the rubber hits the road, when I could actually start talking with him about some of the real stuff. I’m also curious to see how he’d end up looking like, with all the things my sister and mom telling me that he looks exactly like me when I was his age.

A couple of pictures of him here:


This was during Ash Wednesday after the Mass


Then with his uncle.

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