“A Philosophical Thought”

Earlier tonight, I was having a conversation with my Dad on the way back home from Home Depot. Our conversations always tend to go to an interesting direction, to say the least. Well, I’m not going to delve into more personal matters – particularly on the relationship between my Mom and Dad – which was the initial point of
our conversation. The conversation then went on as follows:

(Translated from Tagalog)
Me: “There has to be an antagonist to make life colorful”
Dad: “Yeah, there will be no beautiful without the ugly” (bursts out in comic laughter)
Me: “Yeah, that’s very true! Some things don’t stand without its opposite.”
Dad: “There always has to be something ugly for there to be something beautiful.”
Me: “The world cannot be all beautiful all the time. Otherwise we won’t appreciate the value of beautiful.”
Just like goodness. We can’t define goodness in itself without evil. We won’t truly appreciate the value of success
without failure.”
Dad: *Goes on to check his phone, pretending he got distracted, but actually because he probably doesn’t have a clue
what I’m talking about anymore*

I fascinate these kinds of things. I fascinate all the things that satisfy my philosophical cravings.

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