An Oldies Soul

I don’t know when it specifically started, but ever since I was a kid I’ve always had fond appreciation for oldies music. And by oldies, I mean any songs stretching from the 90’s all the way back to the 60’s. Among all my peers, I’m probably the only one who has a greater appreciation for such music and, even more so, can name artists from way back when. I would say I had a meaningful childhood, and one of my lasting memories of it is going out as a family on Sundays, mostly to the Mall for our Dad to treat us with sumptuous late lunch, clothes, toys, groceries, etc. But one vivid detail I remember from those memories is sitting at the back of the car with my Dad driving, listening to oldies music, songs from his “prime”. I guess it was out of those episodes that I developed that fondness for such music. I don’t know, if there is something that I would associate to listening to oldies music, it would be delight. It’s like it just naturally came through. I was talking with a friend older than me and somehow we ended up talking about music. I threw out names of songs and artists back from the 80’s such as James Ingram, Peter Cetera, Air Supply, Michael Bolton and the 70’s such as Michael McDonald, Daryl Hall, and David Foster and my friend was thrown off. She asked me how old I was and I said I’m 25. She said she’s amazed at how much I know that much music from the hay day. Like I said, my appreciation for oldies music came in just naturally to me, like a sun setting west and rising in the east. It’s one of the traits I like about myself, and rightly so. With that said, here are some of my favorite oldies songs, with the first on the list being my all-time favorite:

“Just Once” – James Ingram

This is my all-time favorite oldies song because this is the one I used to always sing in the karaoke with my sister. I recall one of those Saturday nights when I was a kid – I was probably 7 or 8 at that time, sharing the microphone with my sister and enjoying one another’s company through music.

“I finally found Someone” – Barbara Streisand (Bryan Adams)

Another song that I used to sing in duet with my sister when I was a kid. Pleasant memories indeed.

“Of all the Things” – Dennis Lambert

“Me and Mrs Jones” – Billy Paul

“Ever Since the World Began” – Survivor

“Bluer than Blue” – Michael Johnson

“I’d Rather” – Luther Vandross

“All Out of Love” – Air Supply

“Time Will Reveal” – DeBarge



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