The Rectory Experience

I was invited to have dinner by one of the parishioners after the 7pm Mass last Sunday while I was staying at my home parish. There were 15 of us at the dinner, a pretty crowded dinner indeed. With such a big crowd, we decided to order a party selection, which included about five entrees. We didn’t get to finish it, so one of the ladies told me to bring the to-go boxes to rectory for the priests. I took them and went home. I saw there were lots of food in the fridge when I opened it, and had to make some space for the to-go boxes I brought.

When I was organizing all the foods inside, maximizing space, I thought to myself “Wow, these priests would never go hungry here. People do actually care for them.”

And that thought led me to reflect more about the life I am trying to pursue.

One of the things I sensed when I was staying at my home parish was that the people love the priests there. They do actually care for them.

It brought me to realize that the kindness and sacrifice these priests make definitely go a long way. So much so that they won’t have to worry about the things people seem to think priests typically worry about.

It definitely begins with the kindness and selflessness the priests commit themselves to.

People think priests worry about loneliness as they go about the life they have chosen. On the contrary, priests can never be deprived of companionship and affection from the people they serve as long as they are receptive to them with a pure heart.

As I have been discerning the priesthood for quite a while, I am coming to realize that the priesthood is a beautiful life. There are many graces that come with it, and anyone discerning such life would be compelled to live in constant gratitude as a response.

They say it takes time to fall in love with someone special. I think it’s safe for me to say that I am falling in love with the Bride whom Christ still loves, and I have no plans on keeping my eyes off of Her.

Please continue to pray for me, that the fruits of love and fidelity may grow in me for the One whom the Lord loves.

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