Media Reviews

Control, Power, and Redemption in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

“Some people become heroes by extraordinary circumstances going their way. And some people become heroes by redemption, when these heroes begin to feel the hero inside of them. For me, I think the third process in which we become a hero is the most beautiful process.”

Captain America: Civil War and the War within wars [SPOILER ALERT]

Captain America: Civil War has been a blockbuster movie for the past two weeks since its release, enticing the attention of the mass people. The movie has the thrilling graphics, creative narratives, and visual effects to capture the most vivid imaginations of many, especially the young. Perhaps another thing that takes it to the heights…


Earlier this week I’ve seen the movie Big Hero 6 on Blue Ray DVD rented from Red Box. I’ve heard of the movie way back but didn’t fully catch my attention until last Sunday, when it won the Oscar’s award for Best Animated film of the year. Actually, my sister got really interested about it…

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